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About the author

I am an author, an explorer of ideas and a creator of worlds. I once told a government official that my mind was a dark forest inhabited by werewolves. I'm pretty sure my boss at the time nearly had an aneurysm. #NoRegrets

I am an Author Goddess, determined to pass on my ideas and worlds to others. Hopefully, it will make someone else's world a little better. Maybe it will give someone else werewolves in the brain.

Two little boys each holding the hand of a toddler between them.

I have been compared (favorably, even!) to Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher and Stephen King. While I'm not entirely sure I believe that, I'm certainly fine with those comparisons. Perhaps, someday, I will believe that I am truly that good.

In the mean time, I keep writing in my own sarcastic and witty voice, putting on paper the things that my mother never let me say aloud in public.

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I also write under a couple of pen names.

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