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Writing Services

Removing Blocks to Let Words Flow

There are times when the words just don't come. You have an idea, but something stops the process.


These struggles with writing can result in periods of no words coming out, or in patches where the words are just less smooth than you wanted. Either way, it helps to have someone who can clean up the words that are there, and help you get more words out.

I will give you the support and tools to move your words forward. We will take down those obstacles and let those wonderful words flow.

All words are good words; progress is progress.

Authorgoddess' passion and dedication inspires my writing and encourages me to forge my best words.



Spelling, punctuation, minor word/phrasing corrections -

If you are confident in your story, this may be all you need! The basic editing service gets those annoying details that seem to appear out of nowhere.


Make sure your book is publishing-ready, today.

Editing-Copy Editing


Correcting factual errors, contradictions, or inconsistencies; and discrepancies in plot, character, or dialogue -

If you need some refinement, this is what you're looking for! The copy editing service makes sure your story is clean, while keeping your writing voice intact.


Elevate your book to its final level, today.

Writing Coach Services

$75/hr + free 30 min initial evaluation

Nurturing your literary career, giving you advice on the writing community and publishing, providing feedback/critique -

If you need support for your writing process, this is what you're looking for! As a writing coach, you will get the knowledge and encouragement to write your book, whether you are a rookie or a veteran!


Get the support you need to finish that book, today.

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