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Erotica by Lina Greyce

Her Favorite Mistake: Book 1 of Hot Fae Knights



Once upon a time, Arthur was king…

When Nimue met Merlin in her role as Lady of the Lake, she couldn’t resist the forbidden passion. She’s been running from the consequences since. Now called Illianna, she meets Simon, her lover reborn, and the dangers of the past are still chasing them. Is it their destiny to find love or to relive tragedy?

A steamy story of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake, Her Favorite Mistake will leave you wanting more Hot Fae Knights!

Cover for Her Favorite Mistake

His Precious Undoing: Book 2 of Hot Fae Knights


Once upon a time, Arthur was king…


Lancelot du Lac has quite the reputation. He may or may not have had something to do with the issues between Arthur and Guinevere. He certainly had something to do with Elaine's tragic death.

1500 years after the legends, he's back. And everything you thought you knew about Lancelot was wrong. He's bound and determined to make up for the love he destroyed before, but can he overcome the blood on his hands?

A steamy story of Lancelot and his true love, His Precious Undoing gives you more Hot Fae Knights!

Cover for His Precious Undoing
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