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Dragon Trains & Wagon Tales

On Lore, the most dangerous life is that of a Colonial searching for a new home. For those who choose that life, the best protection is a dragon. Oralia is a dragon-rider with disdain for Colonials, but one girl gets under her armor. When Story vanishes into the Badlands, Oralia must challenge the Colonials and face down the outlaw Dusters who took her.

Cover for Dragon Trains & Wagon Tales
Dragon Trains


To combat over-population, humanity has condensed itself. Now, there are carriers, people who host 12 other consciousnesses, riders, along with their own.


When one of Kat's riders is convicted of a heinous crime and condemned to death, all 13 of them are sentanced together. Kat must flee for her life and search out the truth with the help of the whispers, dreams and visions that her riders give her.


But the secrets could bring down some of the most powerful of the Council, and they will protect their sovereignty.

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Impact Warning

Crafters serve humanity with their Craft


Subhuman. Psychic. Leashed. A journey to another world tests Crafter Almira when one of her crewmates and an asteroid field set off alarms for what is to come.

There is danger of physical impact, but the emotional impact may have longer lasting effects.

Cover for Impact Warning
Impact Warning

SPA: Super Powered Anonymous

Originally published in Beyond The Mask: A Fiction-Atlas Superhero Anthology

"Super Powereds Anonymous" - Trance, the mediator for Super Powered Anonymous, a support group for people with superpowers unsuitable for caped heroics, is used to helping with self esteem, super power accidents, and complaints about having to carry SP Liability Insurance. What she doesn't expect is when a supposedly-reformed super-villain wants to join the group.
Mute is tired of the second-rate villain life. He can shut the haters up, but he can't give his life a purpose. He's looking for a second chance, but suspicion follows him everywhere.
When SPA attendees start dying, Mute is the prime suspect. Can he convince the others he's innocent? Will their "lame" powers be enough to solve the case?

All proceeds from the print and digital sales of the anthology will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand, an organization that is a superhero to the many children diagnosed with childhood cancers. ALS's mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.

Cover for Beyond the Mask: A Superhero Anthology
Cover for SPA
Time & a Place

A Time & a Place

Originally published in Counterclockwise: A Fiction-Atlas Time Travel Anthology

"A Time & a Place" - The Magecrafters Alliance Guild of the United States (M.A.G.U.S.) works to find the lost Seelie magecrafter bloodlines, and to find and Bond each Fountain to a family line of Caretakers. But always, the Unseelie magecrafter bloodlines work to beat the guilds to new-found Fountains, or to break the Bond to twist the Fountains into seats of power for themselves.

Tianna is a Timesinker, a fae-blood magecrafter with the ability to travel through time. Her journey begins when she is caught in the cross-fire of a battle between magecrafters, but it doesn't end until she learns how easy it is for a timesinker to cause both the beginning... and the end.

The enemy crosses her timeline more than once, but can she be on the winning side every time?

Cover for Counterclockwise: A Time Travel Anthology
Cover for A Time & a Place
Free Gift

Free Gift With Purchase

Originally published in A Twist of Fate: A Collection of 11 Twisted Fairy Tales

"Free Gift With Purchase" - Brigit pulls some strings to get her hands on a pair of shoes that could help her break into major fashion writing. She didn't expect a free gift in the form of a little man with a big problem: elfin slave labor!

Now she's taking on an old Italian sweat shop and discovering how much of a fairy tale her life really can be.

All proceeds from the anthology are being donated to the Global Scoliosis Foundation.

Cover for A Twist of Fate: Twisted Fairy Tales
Cover for Free Gift With Purchase
Slings & Arrows

Slings & Arrows: A Runespells Short Story (Wyrd on the Street, Book 1)

Originally published in London Calling


"Slings & Arrows" - Hound Dog crosses the pond to help out a former Indie street punk turned SHARP escape the clutches of a neo-Nazi gang. Detective Ames, newly promoted to Sergeant and in charge of a brand new division, is in London for an international training seminar. Their paths cross when Det. Ames' liaison gets caught up in a shoot out with neo-Nazis... only the neo-Nazis aren't using guns.


Have the neo-Nazi's been reviving the occultish practices of Hitler's troops? Can Hound Dog and Det Ames figure it out before more innocent by-standers are killed?

Cover for Slings & Arrows
Precious Scars

Precious Scars

Originally published in Whispers of Hope


"Precious Scars" - Crystal is a kintsugi artist, using gold accents to repair statues, looking for someone to help her deal with her increasing anxiety about going out into the world.

Tor is a veteran with PTSD looking for a quieter way of life.

Together, they find something precious in the scars on their souls.

Cover for Precious Scars
Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair

Originally published in Chasing Fireflies: A Summer Romance Anthology

"Scarborogh Fair" - Brennan, a member of a secretive group of powerful women, is obsessed with learning what happened to her beloved, Garrett. The song he wrote to court her becomes the clues she must follow to find him, and the politics of the castle and title of Scarborough create more obstacles for her quest.
Her passion burns like a flame, but can she return to Scarborough Fair with more than the ashes of her love?

Cover for Chasing Fireflies
Cover for Scarborough Fair
Short Horrors

Short Horrors for Occult Fans

Three thrilling tales to bring you shivers... and nightmares.

"A Little Dream" - A chemical spill may have effected the residents of a small town when their dreams become reality.
"Mirror, Mirror" - A pair of mirrors turns a late night at a museum into a bloodbath.
"Gatekeeper" - A night security guard teaches a rookie the details of a job where it is more important to protect people from the building than vice versa.

Cover for Short Horrors for Occult Fans
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