The M.A.G.U.S. Series

The Magecrafters Alliance Guild of the United States (M.A.G.U.S.) works to find the lost Seelie magecrafter bloodlines, and to find and Bond each Fountain to a family line of Caretakers. But always, the Unseelie magecrafter bloodlines work to beat the guilds to new-found Fountains, or to break the Bond to twist the Fountains into seats of power for themselves.
A Time & a Place

ISBN-13: xxxxx


Tianna is a Timesinker, a fae-blood magecrafter with the ability to travel through time. Her journey begins when she is caught in the cross-fire of a battle between magecrafters, but it doesn't end until she learns how easy it is for a timesinker to cause both the beginning... and the end. The enemy crosses her timeline more than once, but can she be on the winning side every time?


ISBN-13: xxxxx


Heidi has spent her life protecting her autistic brother, Erik, from the worst of the foster care system they'd always lived in. Then, on a trip to Europe, Heidi sees an strange building and stranger people, including a viciously beautiful woman who tries to kill Heidi.

Heidi learns that she and Erik are Magecrafters, magic users of fae blood. She is a threadreader, who reads threads of the tapestry of reality, while Erik is a Gollemer, who animates objects. They have finally found where they belong, but the Unseelie Magecrafters are after a source of power and Heidi's new friends are in danger.

Can Heidi figure out her powers in time to help her friends?

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