The Crystal Wise

ISBN-13: xxx


Cassie is a Crystal Wise, a small part of the human race that can tap into powers only dreamt about. In doing so, they become living crystal beings, derogatorily called Glass People, easily hunted and shattered. So they hide. But when the moon is destroyed, the change in gravitational pulls wreck havok on the electro-magnetic fields that influence weather patterns and oceanic currents.


Cassie has to decide whether she can trust the people she loves with her secret, because the Crystal Wise may be the only way to fix the problem.

The Second Princess

ISBN-13: xxx


Tasia's family, the royal family, is cursed. As the second princess born of her generation, she has a specific destiny that will only come to pass if she undergoes the ritual to find her mated soul. But she has a different destiny in mind, and she puts the destinies of all her sisters and her kingdom at risk to find a way to break the curse. Tasia is young and naive, and she has to learn that in the real world, things aren't always what they seem.

Paper Dragons

ISBN-13: xxx


Lee is a Chinese-American boy who has been accepted into a special boarding school for Bù Lóng, the Guild of the Cloth Dragons. There, apprentices are trained in the skills of ancient Chinese art... and the lost magics that go with them.


Lee discovers that he has great skill for painting, and bringing to life, Chinese dragons, which may help him save the school from those who think that past should stay in the past.

The Monster of Bobcat Ridge

ISBN-13: xxx


Mountain lion shifter and police chief, Karen, runs the Bobcat Ridge Police Department with efficiency that goes above and beyond the needs of the small town. She makes sure petty crime is dealt with... and that the shifters that live there and pass through behave themselves. When shifters start coming up dead, she realizes there is a killer targeting the paranormals.


Karen has to work with way-too-hot FBI agent, Hunter Paterson, without giving away the secret of her kind. Falling in love doesn't help. And neither does her family getting targeted next.

Lost Queen of Alfeari

ISBN-13: xxx


The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen!

Kaila, the lost heir to the kingdom of Alfeari, has lived with the jungle tribes of the Kong'sha for her entire life, learning to survive and practicing the secret ways of Spirit-Talking and Skin-Slipping. When Lotai appears, Kaila is ceremonially disowned by her tribe and thrust into the unfamiliar world of nobility and politics.

Kaila doesn't understand politics, but the law of the jungle is kill or be killed. And that, she can do.

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