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Excerpt from Fluffy Bunny

I stepped into my bedroom, still dripping from my shower, and froze at the sight of the three women waiting for me. The shock of finding people in my room was brief. Then I saw the women, registered their appearance, and I felt a deep horror wash over me, numbing my limbs - the way I imagined a mouse felt the second before being swallowed whole by a snake.
The women were neither young nor old, not pretty, not ugly. They were average-looking women... until I met their eyes.
They looked at me in a slightly off-focus way, like a blind person does, meeting my gaze without really seeing with those gray-ringed pupils that I found myself staring into.
I felt a slight burning on my chest and I reached up to touch one of the four silver sigils hanging from my neck by a length of the chain that bound Fenris Odinslayer, the monstrous wolf-son of Loki. The sigils were Runespells, my souveniers from several months ago when I won a magical race for the powerful amulets. 
After searching for my missing step-sister, I ended up fighting demons for the Runespells to keep a horrid man, not-so-good ol' Bob, from using them to cause trouble in the form of starting Ragnarok. I wasn't sure how Bob would have done that, but I knew that Ragnarok was supposed to start when Loki gets angry and breaks free from his chains to lead an army of Jotun, fire and ice giants, against Asgard.
None of that would end well.
I stopped not-so-good ol' Bob, fought the demons, found the Runespells, and spent half a week in the hospital afterwards. My reward was to keep the Runespells, so I could use them in my search for the other 14 missing sigils. Some prizes aren't worth the trouble.
As my fingertips grazed the sigil burning my skin, information flooded my mind, telling me about the god-creatures before me, and I understood why I'd felt such primal fear at their gaze.
The women before me were not gods, after all. They were stronger than the gods. They were god-creatures that I would never want to anger or insult. They were beings that I would normally think long and hard before attempting to deal with.
They were the Norns, and they were waiting for me.

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