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Breaking Bread

About the work: 

This is book #5 of the Runespells series.


Nicola just wanted to help. Now she's in a coma, roaming the Nine Worlds. She needs to find out why she's been poisoned, but everyone she meets has their own agenda.

Current Word Count: 


The Runespells series. Tagline: "The Runespells are power... and power can be abused."



Darkness kept swallowing my vision. There wasn't much to see - the ceiling of the ambulance, cabinets and cubby-holes along the sides. Every now and then, the nice young man's face appeared.
Suddenly, the scene changed. I was looking up at a woman with a concerned expression. The ceiling was no long the smooth metal of the ambulance. It was rapidly-moving, speckled white drop-ceiling tiles instead.
There seemed to be a lot of movement around. People shouted out orders while others ran around and between them. The hollow thunk of plastic hitting plastic sounded out and I felt the jarring of an impact roll through my body.
The ceiling tiles stopped moving around.
I focused on my breaths, ignoring the overwhelming sensory jumble around me. People grabbed my limbs, moving my arms and legs, or shifting my whole body.
I lost track of what was being done to me. The white of the ceiling tiles faded to darkness before returning. Over and over again.
A single word pierced my brain, cutting through the muted roar of a busy hospital: "Coma."
Suddenly, I heard it over and over, maybe a dozen times. I felt the warm pressure of magic and I recognized, somewhere in the back of my mind, what message I was being sent.
The darkness crept back over my eyes. I could feel a finality in it. Taking a deep breath, I wrestled with the confusion for control of my mind and will.
Finally, momentarily, I won. And I stepped into the astral plane.

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